HOW TO: Cook Red Meat, The Easy Way!

Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well done (or as I call it…burnt). Everyone of us likes our meat cooked differently, but many of us don’t actually know how to cook meat to our desired ‘rareness’ which means sometimes we end up having it literally raw on the inside and burnt on the outside or just the whole thing absolutely charred and as tough as a m********er.

With my simple ‘How To:’ guides, I will show how to do simple things and teach you little tricks so you can look like an impressive chef in front of all your friends around the kitchen.

Today, I will show a simple technique, using just your hand, which will help you determine the rareness of any piece of meat you cook and I can guarantee it works about 99% of the time….ish.

For each of the steps below, we use the little squishy part of your palm just under your thumb (we’ll call it your ‘Thalm’ for now) as the gauge. All you have to do is press the meat and match it to the squishiness of your thalm which corresponds to your desired rareness, as shown below in the pictures.

1)      I like mine ‘Blue/Rare’ please.


2)      Okay for ‘Medium Rare’


3)      Does this come in a ‘Medium?


4)      I can’t stand blood, gimme a ‘Well-Done’.


5)      It’s so ‘Overcooked’, hell wants it back.


  • One thing to remember is that whenever you cook any meat, it will need some time rest when you take it off the pan. This will make the meat tenderer when you eat it and will stop it from overcooking as it will continue to cook slowly with the residual heat. So try to leave your meat to rest for about 5 minutes before serving and maybe cover with some tin foil to keep warm if you leave for any longer.

Note: Only try this technique with red meat, such as beef or lamb, as it is safer to eat it raw than white meat, such as chicken and pork, as raw white meat may contain salmonella and other bacteria, which will seriously make you ill and may cause you to CHUNDER EVERYWHERE!!!!


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