HOW TO: Debone a Chicken Thigh, The Pro Way!

How many of you know how to debone a chicken thigh? I reckon most of you just buy boneless chicken breast or other boneless chicken and eat that instead, but we students are always on a budget and we like to save as much as we can, so use those extra pounds we saved to buy booze. 😀

So why not learn how to debone chicken yourself, especially chicken thighs. It’s incredibly simple, cheap and thighs are a lot juicier than breasts…..on a chicken of course…

Below is a step by step guide on how to debone a chicken thigh and come out with a large flat piece of juicy chicken to do whatever you want with it. Just remember to be careful with your knife and fingers as both are in very close proximity to each other.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it:

1)      Start by cutting off the large flap of skin with all the feather bits and fat on it (The left side of the chicken in the photo).

Snapshot 1 (14-06-2014 16-04)

2)      Flip the chicken over and place the side you cut off to your left.

3)      Hold the flap of meat on the side you cut off and slice straight along the meat right next to where the bone is.



  • Don’t slice it too deep, just enough so you can access the meat underneath the bone.

4)      Lift the chicken slightly and tilt it to the right so you can see the meat under the bone, and again slice the chicken along the bone until you see the meat behind it.


  • Be careful not to cut your thumb here. Keep it at least 1-2 inches away from the blade when you cut into it.

5)      Continue to lift and tilt and cut the chicken until you get around the bone.


6)      At this point, cut of the remaining pieces of meat near the bone until you get a chicken thigh steak.

Sorry for the crap picture, my gf was taking them and she isn't great at taking pictures.
Sorry for the crap picture, my gf was taking them and she isn’t great at taking pictures.

7)      If you’re finicky and want to get the remaining leftover little scraps of meat along the bone, pinch the meat with your thumb and middle finger, angle your blade down towards the bone (Not flat) and slowly cut the meat off.



  • Just be weary of your fingers and ensure that the blade is pointed towards the bone and not flat towards your fingers.
  • Also, tuck your fourth and pinky finger into your palm to keep yourself cutting them.

If you need anymore hints on how to debone a chicken or if there are some parts you don’t understand, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP…or after my beer XD


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