HOW TO: Make Perfect Sunny Side Eggs!

We all love eggs and we all love a cheeky sunny side one. But how do you get a perfect one without flipping it over in the pan and end up popping it…nightmare.

With this simple trick I can guarantee you will have the perfect egg everytime without popping it once.


1)      Start cooking an egg how you would normally do it. i.e. Turn pan on to medium heat, put some oil in the pan and crack however many eggs you want in it.


  • Now the next ingenious yet simple trick will ensure you get the perfect sunny side egg.

2)      All you have to do is find a see-through lid big enough to fit over your pan and create a seal around the edge or a lid high enough to sit inside the pan and not touch the eggs at all.


  • This essentially traps in the heat and cooks the top of the egg without having to flip it over once.

3)      When you see the yolks starting to turn white, take it off the heat, serve it on a piece of toast or anything you fancy, sprinkle some salt and enjoy!


  •  If any of you find this helpful and want some more tips and tricks or other ‘How To’ guides, feel free to let me know anytime.

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