Egg Fried Rice! Oh Yeah!

Time for everyone’s favourite…EGG FRIED RICE!!!

I know you love it, I love it, we all love it! Why? Cos its simple yet amazingly yummy and I’m gonna show you how to make an authentic egg fried rice right in the comforts of your own home.

I mean why not make it at home instead of ordering from your local takeaway ? That way, you can spend whatever you saved on booze ;D Am I right or am I right?!! Annnddd it’s somewhat healthier than getting it from a takeaway cos you use less oil than they do…you can thank me later for saving you from a potential heart attack. XP

Sorry, my pictures have a few rice crumbs on the side! Didn’t realize until I finished the rice (“-_-) Very unprofessional…

(Preparation/Cooking time: 10-15 Minutes, Difficulty Level: 1 – Sooper Easy)

(Suitable for Vegetarians dependent on ingredients used)


  • Cooked Rice (Works better with cold cooked rice left over from the night before as it is a little drier annd won’t require as much oil)
  • Eggs (About 2-4 eggs)
  • Chicken Stock Powder/Knorr Chicken Stock (If you don’t have this or as a vegetarian option, you can substitute it with salt and sugar, vegetable stock powder or maybe some soya sauce)



1)      Place a deep pan/wok on the hob, turn to high heat and pour 2 tbsps of oil in.

2)      When the pan is hot enough, dump your rice in and break apart the big chunks until most of it is loose and crumbly and cook until it is hot.


3)      In the centre of the rice, open up a little well until you can see the base of the pan.

4)      Add another tbsp of oil and let it heat up for a few seconds.

5)      Once oil is hot, break 1-2 eggs into the well and scramble until you get flaky egg.


6)      Once egg is scrambled mix it in together with the rest of the rice.

7)      When everything is fully mixed, break another 1-2 eggs on top of the rice and stir in, trying to coat all the rice in egg.


8)      Add some chicken stock powder to the rice and stir in.

  • Amount is dependent on your tastes. You’ll have to put it in bit by bit and taste each time until you get your desired flavour.
  • If you are using salt and sugar put it in bit by bit as well and taste it each time until you get your desired flavour.

9)      Once everything is well combined, turn off the heat, serve and enjoy!



  • If you want some fried rice with some meat or vege, etc, I will be posting up another fried rice recipe for you all soon. Keep a look out for it 🙂

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