Magnificent Moules Marinière

I just realised I don’t give you guys enough vegetarian dishes nor have I actually given you a nice fish dish here at My Uni Kitchen. So here it is, a lovely French style Mussels in a wine sauce!

Before you say mussels are too expensive or they’re too fancy for me, you may actually be wrong. Not only is it so simple to make, some local fishmongers or your local supermarket may sell some nice fresh mussels for a good price (About £6-8/kg). And just think about it, that pretty much costs the same or even less than a large pizza from Dominoes or if you’re still not convinced just share the cost with someone and cook together. 😀

Now, you need to make sure they are fresh and live before you buy them as 1) It will taste a lot nicer and 2) You will save yourself from getting food poisoning…yehhhh (“^_^). You can test this out by giving them a bit of tap if they have their shells open. If they are alive, they will close their shells. If they’re dead, they’ll sit there like a brick and not close at all, which is your cue to walk away and get something else for another recipe on this blog.

So, don’t be scared or put off by mussels just because you may think they’re too expensive or really hard to cook. They’re actually pretty decent in terms of price and very easy to cook. And by the end of it, you’ll get a dish which you can pass off for a fancy restaurant dish, and trust me everyone will be mighty impressed.


(Preparation/Cooking time: 15-20 Minutes, Difficulty Level: 2 – Easy)

(Suitable for Vegetarians)


  • Fresh Mussels
  • Fresh Tomatoes (Sliced into Wedges)
  • Onion (Roughly Sliced)
  • Garlic (Roughly Chopped)
  • Red/White Wine
  • (Optional) Basil (Finely Chopped)
  • (Optional) Double Cream



  • Large Deep Sauce Pan


1)      Start by cleaning your mussels, i.e. pull of all the beards/seaweed from the edges and scrape off any barnacles or crap off the surface, followed by a thorough rinse.


2)      In a saucepan, big enough to hold all your mussels with some extra space on top, pour in some oil and turn onto medium/high heat.

3)      When the oil gets hot, throw in your tomatoes and onions and lightly sautéed them for about 30-40 seconds then throw in your garlic and sautéed everything for another 30-40 seconds.


  • Be careful when you put your ingredients as the oil is very hot and will spit and steam up violently when you put anything with moisture into it.

4)      Once done, throw in all your mussels and basil (if you are using it) into the sauce pan, pour in your wine until half of the mussels are submerged, give it a thorough mix to combine with the onions mix, turn to high heat and place a lid on top to steam cook them.


5)      Cook them for about 2-3 minutes or until pretty much all of them are just opened.

6)      Once cooked take them off the heat and pour everything into a serving bowl.

  • If you fancy it, just before you pour it out, pour in some of the cream and quickly mix it in until everything is combined for a creamier and velvety finish to the sauce.

7)      Serve and enjoy!

  • You can enjoy this with a fresh crusty roll/bread or some potatoes/chips/etc, as all the flavour of the mussels gets infused into the wine and turns it into a very rich shellfish stock which is absolutely brilliant when you soak it up or just drink it up with a spoon.

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