Cheesy Tuna Melts!

So sorry for the lack of posts recently, just been so busy, especially with exams and what not coming up.

Anyway, even with my busy schedule, I’d thought I would give you all a simple and quick dish for when you want something quick and filling at the same time.

We’re going with the classic ‘Tuna Melts’. Yes, I know! How exciting can a tuna melt get? Well, if you know anything about me by now (or even if you don’t…which you should >.<), I usually have some sort of personal twist to whatever I make, which I am going to share with all you guys.

So here goes!


(Preparation/Cooking time: 10-15 Minutes, Difficulty Level: 1 – Sooper Easy) 

(Suitable for Vegetarians)


  • Tinned Tuna
  • Mayonnaise or (Healthy Option) Yoghurt
  • Bread (Can be ready sliced, small buns, anything you fancy)
  • Cheese (Again use anything you fancy or love or whatever is in your fridge)
  • (Optional) Mustard
  • (Optional) Paprika/Cayenne Pepper
  • (Optional) Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • (Optional) Any other condiments you like and think would go well with tuna 😀



  • Large Oven/Grill-proof tray
  • Mixing bowl


1)      Start by draining and then emptying out the tuna into your mixing bowl.


2)      Next, add however much mayonnaise or yoghurt you want into the tuna, season generously with salt and pepper and mix it all up thoroughly.


3)      (Optional) Personal twist: Add a few dollops of mustard and some sesame oil and mix it all up thoroughly.

  • As the ingredients above suggested, add whatever BS you fancy into it. Literally anything you can think of or have at your fingertips, you never know, it may turn out tasting fantastic!

4)      Toast your bread to your desired crunchiness.


  • If they are buns, e.g. Ciabatta, slice them in half like you would if making a sandwich and toast them.

5)      Remove toast from toaster and butter the side you would put your tuna on.

6)      Next, throw as many dollops of tuna as you want onto your toast and spread evenly over the whole thing ensuring that no bits of the bread can be seen, otherwise it might burn.

7)      Sprinkle, Slice, Grate, Throw or whatever way you want, your cheese over the top of the tuna.


  • If you want you can lightly season with some extra salt and pepper on the cheese.

8)      Place all of it onto your tray and stick it under a grill to melt the cheese.

  • If you can’t be asked to use a grill or don’t have one, just put it all on a plate and throw it into the microwave until it is all melted.

9)      Once all is melted, remove from the grill (and remember to turn it off), Serve and Enjoy!


Leave me a reply if you like what you see :D

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