Ever since I started my blog, I had noticed these blog awards being awarded to people, I really wanted one and so I worked hard to try and get at least one. Now, thanks to Lori and her lovely daughter, Evie, over at cookswithevie‘ (which you should definitely check out, especially her recent post on custard creams…who doesn’t like a good cream with a cuppa tea, eh?) I am very honoured to be nominated for my first ever award, the “ONE LOVELY BLOGGER AWARD”!!! *Confetti Time* *Party Poppers* Woooo!

Part of receiving this award means you have to share 7 things about yourself and to also nominate 15 other bloggers you think deserves this award.

So, first things first, 7 things about me…god this is going to be tough…on we go!

1)      I recently graduated with an accounting and finance degree and still looking for a ruddy job. So I spend my free time cooking and updating my blog for you guys.

2)      For all you UK folk out there, I appeared on the BBC’s ‘Dick & Dom in da Bungalow’ show when I was young. I also got to meet the band Blue outside the studio afterwards.

3)      I really only started my blog because I finished my final uni exams earlier than most of my mates. I was sitting in my room and thought, I love taking pictures of my food when I cook and some of my mates have asked for recipes, so why not just go the full mile and set up a blog and share it with the world.

4)      I am what many would call a BBC, a British Born Chinese, so I’m lucky enough to experience the Western and Eastern cuisine and culture ever since I was a little babby.

5)      I suffer from eczema and should really stick to my dietary requirements like cutting out onions, garlic, red meat and whatnot. But I can’t, it’s all too ruddy delicious!!!

6)      My dream is to make this blog a huge success and for it to be well-recognised by everyone and to receive many more awards.

7)      Honestly, I don’t really know what else to say, so here are some words I like. Eccentric. Valiant. Hippopotamus. Onomatopoeia. Bugger. Blah, Blah, Blah! ;D

Finally, here is the exciting part of the award. This was so hard, because I follow many great blogs and narrowing them down to 15 is no easy task. I hope to nominate many others if I get nominated for other awards as well. Thus, I present to you my 15 personal nominations for this award. You are not obligated to participate in this. I will love your blogs all the same whether you choose to participate or not!

1)      Cooking with Candi http://cookingwithcandi.com/

2)      Taste of Colours https://tasteofcolours.wordpress.com/

3)      rachelmankowitz https://rachelmankowitz.wordpress.com/

4)      Eat from Eden http://eatfromeden.com/

5)      Cooking Up the Pantry https://cookingupthepantry.wordpress.com/

6)      Cooking with Aunt Juju http://cookingwithauntjuju.com/

7)      My Meals on Wheels https://beatcancer2010.wordpress.com/

8)      Wood Kitchen https://woodkitchen.wordpress.com/

9)      Simply Haynes https://simplyhaynes.wordpress.com/

10)   Milk and Bun http://milkandbun.com/

11)   What’s Cooking with Chef Amy http://whatscookingwithchefamy.com/

12)   Traditionally Modern Food https://traditionallymodernfood.wordpress.com/

13)   Cottage Grove House http://cottagegrovehouse.com/

14)   Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen http://drchdietfood.com/

15)   Eat. Tone. Love. https://eattonelove.wordpress.com/


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