HOW TO: Open and Peel an Avocado in 10 Seconds!

Here’s another of my quick and simple tips you can use in the kitchen and this time it’s Avocadoes.

If any of are like me, you may have read a little children’s book called the ‘Avocado Baby’. Ever since I read it I was obsessed with avocadoes. And why shouldn’t I be, avocadoes are super cheap, super versatile and most of super tasty. You can eat in a salad, as a dip, in a sandwich or even just by itself. Just the meatiness of it, but also the subtle and not so overpowering taste of it makes it amazing to nom on.

However, I’ve noticed some people don’t actually know how to easily open and peel an avocado. I’ve watched some people take about half an hour to prep one and then watch their mouths hit the floor when I show them the trick to peel and remove the meat it in 10 seconds. This isn’t a new trick or anything, but a lot of people don’t know about it so here it is. 20150405_142625


1)      Start by cutting along a ‘ripe’ avocado lengthways, I.e. across the top and bottom of it, and twist to split it into halves.

20150405_142714 2)      To remove the seed/stone, take your knife and carefully jam it into the seed/stone and twist until it pops out. 20150405_142730(0)

3)      To remove the meat from the skin in one go, take a glass, put the bottom of the avocado against the edge of it and run the whole thing along it.


  • Make sure you run the edge of the glass along the inside of the skin. You should be able to feel the glass run along the skin from the outside.

4)      That should be it, you should be left with a clean skin and the whole chunk of avocado meat inside the glass for you to do whatever you want with it. 20150405_143103(0) Enjoy guys!


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