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HOW TO: Open and Peel an Avocado in 10 Seconds!

Here’s another of my quick and simple tips you can use in the kitchen and this time it’s Avocadoes.

If any of are like me, you may have read a little children’s book called the ‘Avocado Baby’. Ever since I read it I was obsessed with avocadoes. And why shouldn’t I be, avocadoes are super cheap, super versatile and most of super tasty. You can eat in a salad, as a dip, in a sandwich or even just by itself. Just the meatiness of it, but also the subtle and not so overpowering taste of it makes it amazing to nom on.

However, I’ve noticed some people don’t actually know how to easily open and peel an avocado. I’ve watched some people take about half an hour to prep one and then watch their mouths hit the floor when I show them the trick to peel and remove the meat it in 10 seconds. This isn’t a new trick or anything, but a lot of people don’t know about it so here it is. 20150405_142625 Continue reading HOW TO: Open and Peel an Avocado in 10 Seconds!


HOW TO: Poach Extravagant Eggs!

Poached eggs! The crème de la crème of eggs. Light, elegant and goes with pretty much everything. But how do you actually make a good quality poached egg?

Did you ever fancy a poached egg on toast or a poached egg atop your salad only for it to either pop, look disgusting or just too overcooked? If you have, then try out my personal method which pretty much guarantees a beautiful egg every time. I also want to just point out that the fresher your eggs are the better they come out.

20150301_135645 Continue reading HOW TO: Poach Extravagant Eggs!

HOW TO: Make Perfect Sunny Side Eggs!

We all love eggs and we all love a cheeky sunny side one. But how do you get a perfect one without flipping it over in the pan and end up popping it…nightmare.

With this simple trick I can guarantee you will have the perfect egg everytime without popping it once. Continue reading HOW TO: Make Perfect Sunny Side Eggs!

HOW TO: Debone a Chicken Thigh, The Pro Way!

How many of you know how to debone a chicken thigh? I reckon most of you just buy boneless chicken breast or other boneless chicken and eat that instead, but we students are always on a budget and we like to save as much as we can, so use those extra pounds we saved to buy booze. 😀

So why not learn how to debone chicken yourself, especially chicken thighs. It’s incredibly simple, cheap and thighs are a lot juicier than breasts…..on a chicken of course…

Below is a step by step guide on how to debone a chicken thigh and come out with a large flat piece of juicy chicken to do whatever you want with it. Just remember to be careful with your knife and fingers as both are in very close proximity to each other.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it: Continue reading HOW TO: Debone a Chicken Thigh, The Pro Way!

HOW TO: Cook Red Meat, The Easy Way!

Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well done (or as I call it…burnt). Everyone of us likes our meat cooked differently, but many of us don’t actually know how to cook meat to our desired ‘rareness’ which means sometimes we end up having it literally raw on the inside and burnt on the outside or just the whole thing absolutely charred and as tough as a m********er.

With my simple ‘How To:’ guides, I will show how to do simple things and teach you little tricks so you can look like an impressive chef in front of all your friends around the kitchen.

Today, I will show a simple technique, using just your hand, which will help you determine the rareness of any piece of meat you cook and I can guarantee it works about 99% of the time….ish. Continue reading HOW TO: Cook Red Meat, The Easy Way!